"My girl is a very nervous pup who takes ages to feel comfortable with anyone new. When Lisa came around to give her a massage she was so respectful of Skyler's space. She was so gentle and caring with overall won Skyler over. Lisa is amazing at her job and understands dogs which is why I would recommend her to anyone and everyone."
German Shepard Cross
"18 months ago Cody had ruptured discs, resulting in nerve damage to his back legs. He also suffers from arthritis in his elbows. Cody loves Lisa’s visits, she quickly puts him at ease and he is more than happy to lay still and let her work her magic. After a treatment, Cody is noticeably able to walk faster and further, and obviously enjoys his walks more"
"Before Lisa came to treat my Border Collie, Archie who is 10, he was throwing his back leg and his tail was not going from side to side as it should. After just three of Lisa’s marvellous treatments, these have been corrected. Lisa is a very understanding, thoughtful and a very knowledgeable therapist always putting the welfare of Archie first. He was always relaxed and comfortable during her visits. Thank you Lisa."
Border Collie
"I have an 11 year old Labrador who thinks she's still a young active dog but kept getting intermittent lameness in her right front leg. After a course of treatment, which Angel absolutely adored, she is a much happier dog, active and enjoying her walks and exercise. The treatment process for the dog was managed in a calm quiet atmosphere and she slept through lots of it, she was so relaxed enjoying the deep massage treatments. As an owner Lisa explained the process very thoroughly to me and I felt extremely confident in her ability and care demonstrated to my beloved old dog."
"Being ‘owned’ by Malamutes is wonderful, running them in harness makes it even more enjoyable. Lisa came to see our 5 year old Alfie for his pre-season check up and we were amazed by what we learned from her . She was absolutely fantastic with him, he loved the attention, and obviously felt better for the therapy, his small (and previously undetected) strains were manipulated expertly, ensuring the best performance from him this season. Alfie was always happy to see Lisa each session, and that was enough proof for us that she was doing a great job. I have happily recommended Lisa to our other friends that run their dogs as her professional manner and brilliant service is something that should not be passed by. Thank you again Lisa, from myself, Neil and a happy and race fit Alfie Bear."
"Bailey is a 6 year old Poochon (Poodle / Bichon Cross) who had been limping heavily on her front left leg. After several x-rays and vet's appointments she was diagnosed with having arthritis in her left knee joint. The pain killers and other medication prescribed did not appear to be working and having spoken to Lisa we thought that it would be worth a course of treatment to see if canine massage helped. During the first treatment session, Lisa identified a problem with Baileys pectoral muscle and shoulder. After just one session, there was a noticeable improvement and we were able to take Bailey off all of her medication. After 3 sessions Baileys limp had gone completely. I would totally recommend Lisa and this method of treatment."
"Vincent had his tenth massage today. Can not believe how massively they improve his quality of life. September 2018 he was booked for his final journey to the vet. He’d had £4000 of platelet therapy, and his meds were on maximum at just under £600 a month. He went flat. His pain was excruciating and he had no interest in life. Could only walk 10 steps maximum before folding up and laying down. Such a shame to see on a massively stoic dog, with a happy go lucky nature. I tried Lisa Stilwell at Essex rivers clinical Canine massage, but didn’t expect much. Well thank god I did. He’s still with me, and most of all happy. Lisa cannot cure his problems, but she can reduce the muscle pain caused by them. Vin celebrates his 12th birthday in around 7 weeks. A huge milestone for a mastiff. Give Lisa a try if your dog is limping or acting different. You will not be disappointed ."
Mastiff x
"Lisa has been treating Bella, my 10y/o (ish) staffy for osteoarthritis and coached us through treating a cruciate injury conservatively at home. Bella was very stiff and sore, especially in the evenings, and needed help getting on the couch. Now she races around like a pup and doesn't even need help leaping into the car." Kerry Duggan, Southend on Sea.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
"We first met Lisa Stilwell from Essex Rivers Clinical Canine Massage at a local dog show. We had noticed our Golden Retriever, Sasha was having difficulties jumping in and out of our car and climbing stairs.
We approached Lisa who carried out an initial assessment and recommended an initial three week session after first consulting our local vet. Our vet diagnosed that Sasha had hip dysplasia in the rear legs and concurred that massage sessions would be beneficial. Lisa started the sessions and after the first three sessions we noticed a marked improvement in Sasha's mobility. Since then we have undertaken monthly appointments with Lisa to relieve Sasha's symptoms. We would whole heartedly recommend Lisa Stilwell to any other dog owner whose dog would benefit from massage thereapy." Darren and Tracey Pallett, Basildon, Essex
Golden Retriever
Duke is a 10 year old Boxer In 2016 Duke had Doubled TPLO and spinal surgery. In 2018 he had a spinal stroke and now has degenerative spinal disease. I did hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. Duke still suffered with stiffness in his joints effecting his gait. So we had 3 weeks of massage therapy which improved his gait and monthly maintenance and now Duke is in the best condition he can be. Duke loves his massage and I would definitely recommend it.