Canine Conditioning

I am a licensed Canine Conditioning Academy Coach. I work on a one to one basis with dogs of all ages and abilities. By using a combination of bespoke training and bodywork I aim to achieve a desired goal. I see a lot of clients with poor core strength and muscular imbalances so have a particular interest in improving mobility and accident prevention.


Here is a picture of my dog Charlie enjoying a Conditioning session indoors on a rainy day. This exercise is working on several fitness elements including balance, flexibility, and core strength. This is Charlie’s favourite exercise; he has great foot placement. Charlie is blind, this really proves that Canine Conditioning is for every type of dog and owner.

As a qualified CCA Instructor I can:

  • Assess a dog’s condition using static, dynamic, ground assessments and range of motion analysis techniques
  • Fully assess a dog’s suitability for training or the need for referral to a Vet or appropriate therapist
  • Tailor a conditioning programme for healthy dogs to support their needs
  • Teach conditioning classes
  • Train sports teams
  • Advise individuals who want to improve their dog’s condition and performance
  • Meet measurable goals in canine conditioning and fitness
  • Teach foundation exercises that are safe for all ages of dogs
  • Teach Intermediate and advanced exercises to dogs if appropriate

If you would like to find out more about the Canine Conditioning Academy please follow this link.